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wickedlittleme's Journal

warhol paints the sun
14 May
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.neruda.wallace stevens.allende.ts elliot.douglas adams.sedaris.updike.

journey.iron maiden.guns and roses.stellastarr.the unicorns.blur.pulp.belle and sebastian.the new pornographers.super furry animals.rufus wainwright.the dandy warhols.jets to brazil.babybird.red house painters.massive attack.mates of state.mars volta.my morning jacket.ted leo and the pharmacists.dolly parton.nancy sinatra.t.rex.fad gadget.the books.the lucksmiths.grandaddy.queen.nick drake.the who.boredoms.the beach boys.neutral milk hotel.the rentals.the shins.the queers.the buzzcocks.sex pistols.air.apples in stereo.radiohead.the flaming lips.jeff buckley.smashing pumpkins.the queers.otis redding.against me.new order.tears for fears.journey.bowie.hot hot heat.the makeup.tom waits.muder city devils.le shok.moving units.outhud.the wrens.raveonettes.sigur ros.television.

.*insert pretentious artists here*.
Also: Edward Gorey